Product Visualization

For most people the ability to "see" or to "visualize" colors, materials, textures and even something simpler like which paint or wallpaper goes best on a wall in a room is near impossible.
When it come to designing home furnishing or even just recolouring our rooms we often end up gathered around the table armed with sketches, brochures, color swatches and material samples trying to visualise what its all going to look like when the job is done - this fabric with this sofa, this bed sheet with that pillow, will this drape go with the colour of the wall, that carpet with this trim. - its pretty confusing and after a while nothing seems to make much sense at all !

The same goes for apparels and texiles also. Marrying a fabric or print to an apparel takes a lot of imagination. Most of the time, until the final prototype is done no one could say for sure whether what they imagined would turn out the way they want it to

Fortunately, technology today enables interior, fashion and textile designers to visualize design iterations in real time at the click of a button.
3D-Vis is an exceptional 3D Visualization tool designed to help creative teams around the world deliver breathtaking visualizations of everything from apparel design, home furnishings, textile designs, interior design, paint, wallpaper, tiles, product design and virtual collections and storyboards.

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